The 8th ASEAN Council of Physical Education and Sport (ACPES) Conference – 28 to 30 October 2022

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In an effort to improve the performance of universities, in 2022 STOK BINA GUNA will host the 8th ACPES (ASEAN Council of Physical Education and Sport) which is an international conference from several countries. One of the tasks of a lecturer is to disseminate the results of his research through the media of Scientific Journals or Proceedings. So, the ACPES 2022 international seminar is a place for the dissemination of research results carried out by each Lecturer.

STOK Bina Guna in this case continues to show its energy to be professional, inspirational, and towards excellence and international class, especially the Southeast Asia Region. And STOK Bina Guna strives as much as possible to never fail in an effort to achieve strategic goals for the welfare of education and sports.

Acpes Conference

The 8th ASEAN Council for Physical Education and Sport (ACPES) Conference. This year’s conference theme – “The Evolution & Growth Of Physical Education, Sport, And Health In The New Normal Era” – will feature live oral presentations and thematic workshops from the 28th to the 30th of October 2022.

The 8th ACPES Conference brings together members of academia, professionals and practitioners from the health, exercise, physical education, sport science, and sport management domains to discuss related disciplines.  The objectives of the conference are: 

  • To encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas, research and best practices among institutes of higher learning, health and sport organisations, to foster friendships among delegates.
  • To enhance the quality of physical education and sport by providing a platform where participants can link theory to practice through virtual workshop demonstrations.

Various sessions of the conference (keynote presentation, invited speakers’ presentations, virtual workshops, and oral presentations) will provide delegates insights into exercise and sports science, sports management, and physical education.  

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